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Whenever the words “online lottery” gets mentioned, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Experience has shown that that the majority of internet users who haven’t taken the time to fully research the topic tend to have a negative perception about this huge industry – and is advancing in leaps and bounds to quickly change this perception to one of massive jackpot wins and an unparalleled online lotto experience. So, who exactly are they?


PlayUKinternet is a company that has been in the international lotto industry for the past 16 years, helping to mould and shape it to what it has become today – a fast-growing global phenomenon, with support and enthusiasm growing on a daily basis as more and more players discover the unparalleled convenience and exclusivity of playing their favourite international lotto games online; games which were previously only available to residents of the countries in which they were hosted. They come with an impressive 100% payout record for all winnings obtained via the site, which has given their millions of subscribers worldwide total peace of mind whenever transacting on the website. So how effective is the site?


Well in short, is rather effective – and we simply love the site’s layout and functionality, not to mention the immediately-engaging colour scheme! This site wants you to interact with it, and it has a host of features and sections worth taking the time out to explore. The comprehensive Lottery Information page will ensure that you are clued up on all of the fourteen international lottery titles available for play via the Play Now page, and in addition to being able to play some of the most lucrative jackpot games to be found anywhere in the world you can also quite easily get caught up in the informative and innovative News section, where there’s a wealth of inspiring and entertaining articles relating to lotto and winners’ stories.

Overall, we can’t fault PlayUKinternet on anything – their model is perfect, and the fact that they are regarded as the industry’s #1 is testament to this fact. Definitely recommended!

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